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We offer great OEM & ODM services, Welcome to customize your unique designs.

As a professional eyewear manufacturer,we not only provide production services,but also design,inspection and customer consulting services which means you just only have to get an idea and we help to make it out.
It takes hundreds of steps to make a pair of eyeglasses, we take every step seriously. Formulate complete pre-production planning, strict incoming inspection of raw materials, each process are well-regulated managed and assigned to each workers and sections.

Production Outline


Raw Materials

Raw material is the essential of a eyeglasses. It’s important to keep every details right from the beginning and a necessary to inspect all incoming raw materials piece by piece.



Shape Fronts With CNC Machine

Raw materials are cut into sheets then use high-tech CNC machine cut and shaped to semi-finished frames.


Tumbling Barrels

It’s a beauty treatment for frames by putting semi-finished frames and temples into tumbling barrels which is filled with small wood chips, by this process to eliminates extra materials to make surface smooth and bright. 



The forming of a frame

Temples will be inserted with a metal core and hinges are assembled to connect front and temples. We move with further step on inserting metal core by covered a special glue to avoid metal core oxitation rust and fade during wearing.



Hand-Crafted Polishing

A Pair of frame need multiple times on polishing machine to make surface a extremely glossy finish.


Assembling & Packaging

Though did careful inspection for each steps during production, the finial inspection before shipment is also important.

We forms our particular inspection standard procedure, all the products are approved customer’s full inspection standard.